Welcoming Our New AmeriCorps Team!

This September, we welcomed the (slightly) cooler fall weather along with a brand new class of AmeriCorps members. After more than a decade as an AmeriCorps host site, we still get excited each year by the energy, ideas, and spirit that new members bring to our affiliate. The 2014-2015 team is ready to start their year of service with DC Habitat, and are excited for the new challenges and celebrations that lay ahead.

Our nine new AmeriCorps members will be serving in the construction, family, and volunteer services departments. Dave, Francie, Casey, Ashley, Matt, Dennis, and Pat will hold down the construction site Tuesday through Saturday leading groups of volunteers, Shannon will manage our crew leader and individual volunteer program, and Namon will help guide families through the homeownership process. While some members have called D.C. home for years, others are new to the area. Hailing from New York, New Jersey, Connecticut, South Carolina, North Carolina, and Maryland, they each bring their own skills and passion to our affiliate. We welcome these unique individuals.

Spend a day on site and you’ll see our members’ special talents and interests shine. Ashley can recite movie quotes while hammering in nails and loves her hometown of Asheville, NC. Dennis has a pun ready for any situation and is a Philly fan through and through. Sure to laugh at any joke (no matter how bad it is) Shannon is on an all-out search for New York bagels. Francie always has homemade baked goods to share and loves biking to work. Matt will entertain you with his sports trivia knowledge and tries to convince anyone who will listen that New Haven pizza is the best in the world. While Casey is dazzling you with his artistic abilities, you‘ll also learn that he played college football and was an architecture major. Watch out for Pat’s jump shot and dribbling skills when playing basketball. He’s also a mean cook. As a guitar player, Dave is the musical talent in the group; he also loves a good horror movie.

Despite their differences, there’s one thing these members have in common: they are ready to serve. They can’t wait to put the needs of the community first; are prepared to work in the sun, sleet, rain, and snow; and are ready to get things done. We look forward to the next 10 ½ months with our new team!

By: Shannon Garvin, AmeriCorps

DC Habitat believes that everyone deserves a house they want to call home. That's why we work to eliminate poverty housing and homelessness in the nation's capital by building (and rehabilitating) affordable, energy- and resource-efficient homes for people in need.