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DC Habitat works to provide affordable housing solutions for low-income families in need. And our aim is to build just as many homes as we can. Of course, the number of homes we can build depends mainly on how much money we raise. Our sustainability depends on the vital combination of funds and volunteer labor provided by our supporters. Funds donated by volunteer build groups help to pay for the land and construction materials we need to continue building homes.

DC Habitat welcomes teams from corporations, non-profits, and civic or faith-based groups to come out and help us build decent, affordable housing in the District. We offer different ways for all kinds of groups to get involved, the most popular being ‘team builds.’

Homeowner Mr. Harris with Veteran's Day Guest Speakers

Homeowner Mr. Harris with Veteran’s Day Guest Speakers

Team Build Days

Team build days are great opportunities for a company or group to involve their employees or members in a positive team-building activity. They also provide groups increased visibility in the local community and have been shown to boost employee morale. Team builds may be scheduled as single or consecutive days, each including 10 – 30 volunteers on the build site per day.

Scheduling Options
Team Build Days are available Wednesday through Saturday. Location and time period will be determined by working with the Volunteer Services Department.**

**Fridays and Saturdays are the most popular build days. If your plans include arranging your group to build on-site on one of these days or both, arrangements for your participation must begin immediately to ensure agreeable build dates.


On-site coordination of volunteers will be handled by our three construction site supervisors, our team of AmeriCorps National Crew Leaders and volunteer Crew Leaders. Crew Leaders will work with groups to train and orient them to the build site and educate them on the skills needed to have a rewarding and productive build day.

One representative from each team build group should be designated as a point-of-contact for all communications with DC Habitat’s Volunteer Services Manager in order to execute a successful team build day.

Financial Support

Because our sustainability depends on a combination of funds and volunteer labor, we ask that sponsors donate approximately $5,000 per 20 volunteers that spend a day on our build site.

Groups are asked to donate $3,000 to $5,000 for a single build day:

  • 10 Volunteers – $3,000
  • 15 Volunteers – $4,000
  • 20 Volunteers – $5,000


Some groups may need to raise the funds needed to participate in a build day or other form of sponsorship. Holding fundraising events and linking up to DC Habitat’s First Giving page are ways to go about raising funds. You may visit our First Giving page at:

DC Habitat’s Resource Development Team may also provide other suggestions.


To schedule your group for a team build day(s), or to get additional information, please contact Volunteer Services & Corporate Partnerships Manager Paula Katrina Drago by phone at (202) 882-4600 x 227 or email at

Other Sponsorship Options
If your group, company or organization is interested in partnering at a higher level, you can learn more about our sponsorship categories in our Give section.

Thank you, Sponsors!
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