Q & A with Erin Green, HYPDC President


Erin Green works at McCabe World Travel, an agency that helps plan leisure vacations all over the world. Despite her busy schedule, traveling the world, Erin still finds time to volunteer with DC Habitat as the president of Washington, D.C.’s Habitat Young Professionals (HYPDC). In her spare time, Erin can be found organizing HYPDC outings and meetings. The group has really grown in the last year under her watch. Erin first got involved with HYPDC last August and has been nothing short of committed since; prior to being president she was a co-chair of the Fundraising and Events committee, helping to plan a number of successful fundraisers and events for the group.

We interviewed Erin about her Habitat service, and here are a few of her answers.

When did you first get involved with Habitat?

I began volunteering with Habitat in 2007 on a service trip to Mississippi with my college chapter. The skills I learned and the friends I made that week were enough to make me decide that I wanted to be more involved on a regular basis with Habitat, culminating in becoming president of the Luther College Habitat chapter.

Once you graduated how did you find time to volunteer?

After graduating, I worked as an AmeriCorps for the Twin Cities Habitat for Humanity in Minnesota, where I worked at the affiliate’s ReStore while also getting time in on the construction site. Despite working fulltime now, I still find a way to volunteer with DC Habitat and I am the current president for DC’s Habitat Young Professionals group. In my time as president the HYPDC, the group has grown in size and organized a number of events for DC Habitat.

What is your favorite part about volunteering with Habitat?

I really admire Habitat’s approach to nonprofit work and the emphasis on learning and interacting, whether with other volunteers or future homeowners.

What was your favorite day volunteering with DC Habitat?

My favorite day on site took place in Ivy City, on a day where the crews put up siding. Having the challenge of cutting tricky pieces to the correct size near doors and windows, towards the end of the day there was an extremely difficult piece that gave us fits and forced us to redo a number of times. However with the help of everyone on my team, we were able to work together and set the piece correctly without breaking before the day’s end.

Erin working on our Ivy City build site.

Erin working on our Ivy City build site.

DC Habitat believes that everyone deserves a house they want to call home. That's why we work to eliminate poverty housing and homelessness in the nation's capital by building (and rehabilitating) affordable, energy- and resource-efficient homes for people in need.