Why Own a Home

Habitat for Humanity has shown that building a home does more than simply put a roof over someone’s head.

Homeowner cutting the ribbon

Homeowner cutting the ribbon

In clean, decent housing:

  • Families can provide stability for their children.
  • A family’s sense of dignity and pride grow.
  • Health, physical safety, and security improve.
  • Educational and job prospects increase.

Housing is also a great means of wealth creation. For families, especially those with a lower income who are able to own a home, ownership is an important means of wealth accumulation in the form of equity and forced savings resulting from mortgage repayment.

Good housing in communities attracts economic investment and development, and contributes to thriving school systems and community organizations. Good housing is a catalyst for civic activism and a stimulus for community-based organizations. Safe homes and neighborhoods, in which residents are satisfied with housing conditions and public services, help to build social stability and security.