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Since DC Habitat was founded in 1988, we’ve built and rehabilitated decent, affordable homes in all four quadrants of the District, helping to shelter nearly 200 families.  We are always on the hunt for new build sites and properties for rehabilitation, so that we can maintain our robust construction pipeline.

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DC Habitat Build Sites

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Current Projects

Ivy City

We are about to complete 11 new homes in the Ivy City community of Northeast DC, including six town-homes built to the highly efficient passive house standard.  We are one of three developers that were awarded land grants from the District, along with funds from the first round of HUD’s Neighborhood Stabilization Program (NSP), to produce more than 50 units of mixed-income housing in Ivy City.  DC Habitat’s construction here began in October of 2010, during the Jimmy & Rosalynn Carter Work Project, and the final 11 homes will be completed in December of 2015.

DC Habitat is currently looking to acquire additional lots on which to build affordable homes in Ivy City.

Ivy City was the Washington, DC site for the Jimmy & Rosalynn Carter Work Project 2010.

60th Street NE (East Corner, NE, DC)

We are rehabilitating these four existing one-bedroom condominiums, to be completed by spring of 2016.  DC Habitat hopes to qualify military veteran buyers for at least two of the four units.  This project has been dubbed “The Pope Francis House,” thanks to a generous contribution of $60,000 from an anonymous donor.60th


46th Street SE  (Marhsall Heights, SE, DC)

We are working to build five three-bedroom town-homes within walking distance of the Benning Road Metro Station. Pre-development has been completed for this project, and we will launch construction at the site by January of 2016.

46th Place elevation jpeg



28th Place SE (Randle Highlands, SE, DC)

We have been working with the Department of Housing and Community Development to create seven two-bedroom and seven three-bedroom condominiums at this site.  The project, which will be our largest multi-family development to date, will be under construction by spring of 2016.

elevation alone 28th

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