Joan Reinthaler — DC Habitat Volunteer Crew Leader

Joan has lived in the DC Metro area since 1963. She is a retired math teacher, received her undergraduate degree from Brown University and did her graduate work at Harvard.

When asked what about DC Habitat keeps her coming back each week, Joan said that she has learned a lot about construction from working with site supervisors like A.J. Mannarino and AmeriCorps crew leaders. She also mentions that it makes for a great workout and that she always must be on her toes because every day brings something different. In addition, she said she enjoys that the construction crew let’s her branch out and try tasks she hasn’t tried before, and gives her the support to improve her own abilities.

When asked about what she contributes to DC Habitat, Joan said she’s glad that she can give her time and enthusiasm back to Habitat and the surrounding community. Also, she is able to use her teaching experience to lead volunteers through the tasks necessary to build a home.

Joan said she always thought about volunteering with DC Habitat while still working as a math teacher, and once she had more time on her hands, she put her thoughts into action. In fact, she said that she has learned some measuring techniques while building that she wishes she had known and been able to use while she was teaching.

Joan would like the DC Habitat volunteers to know how “impressed I am with how well the AmeriCorps volunteers step into their roles as teachers on the construction site and in Habitat as a whole.”