Colin Cookman — Habitat Volunteer

Colin Cookman “By contributing to Habitat, I feel like I’m making a tangible difference,” said Colin Cookman, a volunteer crew leader for D.C. Habitat since March of 2008.

Having been first exposed to the organization through his high school’s chapter, Colin says he’s now a committed volunteer for life. Originally from Bloomington, Indiana, Colin studied at Boston University, where he continued to serve Habitat. He was vice-president of the campus chapter during his sophomore and junior years, then served as president his senior year.

“The collegiate challenge really hooked me,” he said. “It was a great way to meet people from other schools and I felt a great sense of accomplishment.”

A DC resident since January 2008, Colin works on the Security and International Policy team at the Center for American Progress. He can be found on Habitat’s build site nearly every Saturday. “No matter where I may move, I’ll always be involved with my local Habitat for Humanity,” he says.